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VA Offers 50 Telehealth Specialties to Help Care for Rural Vets Implements Telemedicine Services at Veterans Affairs Department

Innovations in technologies like telemedicine aid and revamp health care facilities. To put technology to work helping people is the reason why it exists. Telemedicine is a developing technology that provides health care to those living anywhere, particularly to patients ...

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BBC Research Report Foresees Significant Growth in Global Telemedicine Market

Telemedicine refers to the practice of delivering patient care from afar through the use of cutting-edge communications systems. It’s a rapidly burgeoning area of medical practice, estimated at a worldwide value of $23.8 billion in 2016 according to a report ...

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Sex, Divorce and Increasing Male Impotence Symptoms in Men Over 40

A happy marriage is the dream of any young person who falls in love and commits to a relationship. What many people forget is that old age will come and things might not be the same after 10, 20,or 30 ...

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Buying Generic Male Impotence Treatment Medications Online Like Viagra or Cialis Can Be Dangerous to Men.

If you have ever considered buying male impotence medications claiming to contain natural, aphrodisiac herbs–don’t! Those generic Viagra Cialis-type pills offered by vendors operating out of unregulated countries like Thailand or Malaysia could harbor ingredients banned by the U.S. FDA. ...

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Soldiers Under 40 Years Old Reported Symptoms of Male Impotence 3 Times Higher then Civilians

USA soldiers returning from overseas are often overwhelmed with the opportunity to connect with their families, reintegrate into their communities and pick their lives back up where they left of. Many soldiers returning come home with serious medical conditions from ...

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Can regular sexual activity help older men 40+ deter male impotence problems?

Male impotence is a common probably in men over 40, and is especially common in men who suffer from cardiovascular disease. Recent research suggests that regular erections may help maintain healthy erectile function. Will Regular Intercourse Prevent Erectile Dysfunction? According ...

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Vitaros New Male Impotence Cream Available in the UK

Vitaros, a topical cream treating male impotence, is now available in the United Kingdom.  This topical cream is useful for treating erectile dysfunction and is approved in both Canada and Europe. Erectile Dysfunction: A Common Problem On average, it is ...

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