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Viamedic is a USA corporation founded in 1998. Since, we have become one of the top online providers in FDA-approved, brand-name medications. We specializes in providing our over 500,000 customers with relevant product and condition information created by our professional editorial staff which includes our team of medical writers, medical practitioners and health educators. View Viamedic Staff on Google+

What is Stendra and How Does it Compare to Viagra

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects millions of American men. As the population ages, that number is expected to increase. As ED affects the quality of life of more men, there is an increased need for safe and effective treatments. Since the ...

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How Do I Know if Viagra is the Right Male Impotence Medication for Me?

Male impotence (ED) commonly affects men over the age of 45. When frequent loss of ability to achieve or maintain an erection inhibits enjoyment of intercourse, it’s time to consult a physician or qualified health care worker for an opinion ...

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Buy Viagra Online No Prescription Male Impotence Pills

The stressful times that we live in have led to an epidemic of cases where men feel frustrated and unsatisfied with their sex life. The pressure to perform both in and outside their bedroom often becomes too much for them, ...

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Lifestyle Prescriptions Medications for Men Online

The average male in the today’s age has come under a lot of stress. The poor economy, rising unemployment, tough competition at work, and a harder environment have all contributed towards his poor mental and physical health. One manifestation of ...

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Buying Name Brand Prescription Medications Online

Online drug stores are truly one of the best things to have happened to the medicine service industry. While the drug research advances by leaps and bounds every year, the services industry tied in with the pharmaceutical companies was lagging ...

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Male Sexual Heath Issues Viagra Medications

Viagra is one of the most well known drugs in the world, and for good reason. For centuries men have faced the shame and humiliation of not being able to sexually perform on occasion and have their health and capabilities ...

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Male Impotence Prescription Drugs May Affect Sex Drive

For men suffering from male impotence, Viagra and other prescription drugs for male impotence were a lifesaver. These drugs made it possible for them to perform well again, and regain their confidence. Countless marriages and relationships which were getting destroyed ...

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Major Advances in Male Impotence Products and Treatments

Male Impotence is a very common occurrence especially in men 40 and over. Just about one in every 10 adult men will suffer from male impotence on a long-term basis. Over the last several years there have been big advances ...

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The Healthy Beauty Project with Todra Payne

To Listen To Our Podcast Please Click Here: Todra Payne – a celebrity makeup artist turned Healthy Beauty Expert and founder of HealthyBeautyProject.com and HealthyBeautySocial.com joins the show.   Launching a 15-year career by painting the face of Mariah Carey, ...

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