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Getting Started With ViaMedic

If you’re new to ViaMedic, and just browsing around the site, this is the blog article for you!

Today we’re here to walk you through the process of creating an account, signing in, and receiving a consultation. We’ll also talk about how to contact tech support in case you have any difficulties.

Picking Your Product
Quite conveniently, the first thing to do if you want to order from ViaMedic is simply find the medication or medications you’re interested in.

All of our products are listed by category in the top left of the homepage, and you can select as many different types of products as you’d like. When you find what you want, just select the pricing option you want from the “Product Pricing” list, and add the product(s) to your shopping cart.

Creating an Account
Click “Proceed to Checkout,” where you’ll be asked to sign in. At this point, you’ll need to create a member account, if you do not already have one.

Enter all the required information, and make sure that your email address is linked to a functioning account that you have access to. You will be emailed a confirmation of the transaction, along with tracking number and other important shipping information. You’ll also have a chance to take advantage of discount offers, if you’d like.

The Medical Questionnaire
We require a prescription for all orders placed at ViaMedic, and if you already have one, then you can complete the medical questions and simply fax or email a scanned copy of your prescription to us. Our fax number is 480-505-5727.

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If not, we can have a physician review your medical questions and history to determine whether he or she can write a prescription for you.

Either way, you should be able to get a prescription, and we offer our physician services free of charge.

Payment and Shipping
Payment is accepted either through credit card or money order, and you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

We are fully PCI-compliant, and in fact we aim to do better than mere compliance. Your identity will be verified with IDology ExpectID age and address verification system, which protects your privacy by not sharing your information, and also protects your identity by ensuring the validity of all the order information that we accept.

Tech Support and Common Questions
You’ll be happy to know that there are absolutely no hidden charges when you order with ViaMedic, including with the contracted physician and pharmacy. The price you see for the medication on our homepage is the final price you pay, period.

If you have any difficulties with any step of the ordering process, including registering, faxing a prescription, finding the right medication for you, or anything else, we’re instantly available at 1-877-484-2472.

Thanks for reading, and check back for more information on ViaMedic!

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