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Avoid These Food and Beverages to Maintain Your Sex Life

Alcohol Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction Because It’s a Nervous System Depressant

There are plenty of articles on the internet about what foods, herbs and spices can help erectile dysfunction, including some that theorize and some that are just plain wrong.

But while it might be difficult to pinpoint foods that help erectile dysfunction, it’s not as difficult to narrow down a few that can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

Here are a few to avoid:

  1. Alcohol

This one probably doesn’t even require scientific proof, as most men have probably experienced erectile dysfunction after imbibing a bit too much.

There is science behind the idea that alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction, however.

Because alcohol is a nervous system depressant, it can block the messages between the brain and body.

In addition, too much booze can send plenty of blood to the penis, but then prevent those blood vessels from closing.

In addition, consuming too much alcohol on a regular basis can damage the blood vessels, and contribute to heart disease and hypertension. Both of these health issues can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

  1. Soda
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Regularly drinking soda can damage blood vessels by increasing cholesterol, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

  1. Canned goods

Some aluminum cans contain BPA, a substance that can cause sexual problems, including erectile dysfunction.

Treating erectile dysfunction

If you’ve already got erectile dysfunction, start your journey back to good health by eliminating or drastically reducing the above items from your diet.

Next, quit smoking, start exercising and get plenty of sleep, if those are issues you haven’t addressed yet.

Finally, talk to your doctor about Cialis. Cialis is an FDA-approve erectile dysfunction drug that works for more than 80% of men.

While you’re there, discuss any health issues and be sure to tell your doctor about any current drugs or medications you take, as some can interact with Cialis.

This includes legal prescriptions, illegal drugs, recreational drugs and even dietary supplements.

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