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Top 7 foods that can help prevent acid reflux

If you have acid reflux disease you probably know by now what foods you shouldn’t eat or drink. Orange juice, pizza, coffee – the list of what can trigger reflux is long and varied. But some foods are safe for most reflux sufferers to eat, and can even help prevent reflux from occurring.

Besides using drugs like Prevacid or Nexium, which you can order through a convenient Internet-based online pharmacy, sticking to a better diet that includes these 7 foods can actually help prevent painful acid reflux.

Fruits are always good. 1) Apples and 2) bananas are nutritious and, since lowfat foods such as fruits are easier to digest than fatty foods, they don’t cause excessive acid production.

Vegetables (especially steamed) are good, too. 3) Peas, 4) green beans, and other green vegetables are recommended, as are 5) carrots. 6) Whole grains are good, as carbohydrates don’t seem to cause as much excessive acid production. 7) Lean meat (not fried) is also a good choice.

Stick to these types of foods for a few days and see if a diet of veggies, carbs and lean meats doesn’t help the problem, or at least lessen the severity of it, perhaps making it less necessary to use reflux drugs as often.

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