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Does Vaniqa really help stop facial hair growth in women?

Facial hair can be a very real and very embarrassing problem for women in a society where clear, smooth skin is the beauty standard.  Many women become reluctant to participate in social situations because of facial hair.  Removal options such as shaving and plucking don’t seem to work for long, and sometimes even seem to make the problem worse. 

One prescription option that makes a difference for many women is Vaniqa. Vaniqa (pronounced “VAN-i-ka”), an FDA-approved product for reducing unwanted hair growth, is a prescription cream for the reduction of unwanted facial hair in women ages 12 and older. Applied to the skin in a thin layer on the affected areas, Vaniqa is often used twice a day or as prescribed.

Discreetly and easily available through dependable online pharmacies, Vaniqa helps to inhibit hair growth in many users.  About six out of 10 women who used Vaniqa in clinical trials showed improvement. The product seems to work best in conjunction with other hair removal methods, and usually has to be used for a couple months before improvement will be evident.

Facial hair growth can affect a woman’s life in many adverse ways. But with Vaniqa, there is hope of eliminating the problem and making a lifestyle change a reality.  


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