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If you were to ask the founder of Viamedic.com if he would be running a company that is a leading Internet Facilitator for some of the most popular Menís Lifestyle Medications he would have told you that anything is possible. Some 16 years later and several millions of dollars spent in marketing and advertising, Viamedic.com has grown to become a leader in promoting the most recognized Menís Lifestyle FDA approved medications. These medications will treat Male Impotence, Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDís, Balding, Obesity, Allergy Treatments, Skin Treatments and Gerd. Viamedic has always believed that if you take care of your customers, your customers will always return. Every employee is trained to know the importance of treating everyone in a professional manner and to address as many questions as accurately and appropriately as possible. Viamedic is here to serve our customers who become Patients of a network of U.S. Licensed Doctors and Pharmacies. We have refined the process to improve the delivery of service with the ambition to exceed every customerís expectation.

Looking to learn about which medication to buy? Compare Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn and Stendra online to decide which medication is right for you. We also offer a convenient Trial Package, which includes Viagra, Cialis and Levitra in one order. No matter which medicine you choose, remember you will always receive genuine FDA approved medications from Viamedic. View Comparison Chart »


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Options of ordering from viamedic.com include Internet, Phone and now Video consultation with a Medical Provider online. Since 1998, viamedic.com has served and evolved into a dynamic balance of Doctor/Patient awareness and treatment options. viamedic.com was founded on the basis of connecting the Physician with his Patient online. Research and knowledge of illness and treatment have played a vital role in the discovery of how over 600,000 of our customers have chosen to obtain medical treatment with Online Physicians. Your state may require an HIPAA complaint video and or audio consultation with one of our contracted licensed physicians.

  • Video consultation at no additional charges
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